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What’s the hottest trend? The POC—pops of color! These bright accents, or pops of color, are fun and easy to wear... more
Hair lost its oomph? Try a Redken Chemistry Treatment. This affordable, professional in-salon conditioning treatment offers intense, customized solutions for whatever your hair needs... more
Do-it-yourself hair color may seem quick, easy and inexpensive...until something goes wrong... more
Celebrities are going au naturale on the red carpet…at least when it comes to their eyebrows. Ultra-skinny... more
If you’re planning on getting any type of chemical service – perm, highlights, color – be sure to prep your hair by getting a deep conditioning treatment. The rich... more
Are you always on the lookout for a new style to surprise and impress your friends and family? Or maybe you’re in a bit of a style rut and need to try something different. Either way... more

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Facial Waxing (select salons)
Conditioning Treatments -- try NEW Redken Chemistry!
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